3 Hardwoods Perfect For Your Custom Dining Room Table

One of the biggest perks to choosing a custom dining room table over a mass produced one, is picking out the wood.

Home and Timber offers specific types of quality hardwood for your heirloom furniture pieces. Each one has it's own quality and unique beauty. You can choose from Cherry and Rustic Cherry, White Oak, or Black Walnut and Rustic Walnut.

Let's take a closer look into each type of wood, so you can make the best choice for your home:


Cherry Wood - The Perfect Hardwood for you Custom Dining Table

1. Rustic Cherry and Cherry Wood

Cherry wood is a stunning, rich wood that is often used in the creation of elegant, handcrafted furniture.

This wood develops a deep, reddish brown color patina over the course of time. The exposure to sunlight and the passing of time gradually changes and enhances the initial gorgeous color. When taking all other woods into consideration, cherry wood will change color most significantly, due to the incredible patina that is created.

The grain of cherry wood is very symmetrical and straight. Often, a curved grain will be present, which adds to the beauty and interest of the wood.

Rustic Cherry is almost identical to cherry wood because they are from the same species of tree. The main difference between the two is that rustic cherry will have knots, pits, gum pockets and other little details that give it a rustic appearance. All other characteristics stay the same, such as color and grain patterns.


Quarter Sawn White Oak - The Perfect Hardwood for your Customer Dining Table

2. Quarter Sawn White Oak Wood

White Oak wood is a very sturdy and durable furniture choice. Due to its ruggedness, this type of wood works well with farmhouse or mission style pieces. It is one of the hardest woods available and is great for furniture that will be used on a daily basis.

The grain of quarter sawn white oak is often compared to the pattern of tiger stripes. You will find that the grain is very straight and the wood has a natural texture. The color of oak wood ranges from a light to medium brown.


Walnut - The Perfect Hardwood for your Dining Room Table

3. Walnut and Rustic Walnut Wood

If you are looking for a smooth wood in various light to dark color tones, you may want to consider black walnut. The shades range from a cast of gray, purple and red tones. Through the years the walnut wood will then turn a beautiful patina.

You will find that the unique gain of walnut wood has straight lines combined with amazing swirl patterns and curly lines. This feature creates interest and is quite eye catching.

Rustic walnut wood has the identical color and moderate luster as walnut but it features a more natural style. This type of wood has all of the beautiful pits and knot holes that you will find in nature itself.

You won't have to worry about grime or crumbs collecting in these pits. An epoxy filling is applied in any open pit or knot to even out the surface to keep it clean and looking great. If you prefer to leave the knot holes and pits exposed, that can be done as well.


Now that you have gathered more details on the wood that is available, you may be closer to deciding which type of hardwood you want to use when creating your dining room table.

There may still be some questions you need to ask before you place your order. We understand that handcrafted furniture is an investment and we want you to be completely sure of your decision. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your vision with one of our experienced designers.

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3 Hardwoods Perfect For Your Custom Dining Room Table