Home and Timber offers a curated selection of solid hardwood dining and bedroom furniture. Our selection proves that rustic doesn’t have to mean old and unfinished. By blending the simplicity of rustic design with modern styles, one can create breathtakingly beautiful spaces.

Home and Timber is a Michigan based company where inspiration surrounds us. Living amongst spectacular natural spaces helps to create a selection of home furnishing pieces that speak to the simplicity of our natural world.  While Michigan is known for its outdoor spaces and Great Lakes, there is also plenty of other man-made features where we find inspiration. From the industrial feel of the metals used in car assembly, to the architectural elements in historic buildings, all the way to the artistic expression of many communities.  Mixing the natural with the man-made is what Michigan has always been about.

While we offer solid wood furniture for the dining room and bedroom, all expertly crafted in the USA, we specialize in long extension and expandable dining tables. Crafted in Northern Indiana, we work with several families of second and third generation builders. Crafted from the solid American hardwood of your choice, our plank top tables that expand to 14’, our solid top tables expand to 18’ and our Hartford Trestle expands to 20.5’ with room to seat up to 28 adults very comfortably.

We are happy to answer any questions that you might have or to assist you with recommendations and complimenting pieces. Please do not hesitate to ask!