5 Things to Consider When You Purchase Quality Dining Room Furniture

Have you ever wanted to buy quality dining room furniture, but you're not sure what makes a high-quality piece of furniture?

Whether it's time to upgrade your dinner table or you're looking for pieces to hand down to the next generation, handmade solid wood furniture is built to last. That is, as long as you know what to look for.

There are so many options available, it's hard to tell the good from the bad. Without knowing what to look for, you might be wasting your money.

Read on to discover five things you should think about when you are purchasing quality furniture.

Know Your Furniture Needs

The first step to making a furniture purchase is to know what you need. Think through how the furniture will be used.

An example would be if you need a dining room set. You'll then need to determine what length and width will fit in the room. You'll also want to consider how many people will sit at the table on a daily basis.

You might have a few people sitting around the table most of the time. Yet, if you're the type who loves to entertain, an expandable dining set would be a great option.

Handmade quality furniture gives you the option to customize furniture for different heights. If you're tall or one of your family members are tired of hitting their knees against the table, then think about what size table and chairs would work for you.


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Know What You Want

There's a difference between what you need and what you want. This is the time to think about the different colors and styles of quality furniture.

Do you want something that can be passed down for generations?

Do you want something that is more modern to fit with the rest of your home? Maybe you prefer something rustic or a combination of styles.

Don't be afraid to be imaginative. Handmade wood furniture can be customized to suit your tastes.

What Hardwoods Work Best

What's the difference between hardwoods and softwoods?

The difference doesn't lie in density, but rather in how the trees reproduce.

Hardwood seeds have some kind of covering like a shell or fruit. Think of acorns, walnuts, or cherries. 

Softwood seeds have no covering and the seeds spread over a wider area.

What you want to look for is a wood that is dense and will provide a level of durability. The grain of the wood is an important consideration, too. 

The grain and color of the wood will suit different hardwood styles and applications. The hardwoods we work with are walnut, cherry, and white oak.

White oak is ideal for active and busy areas. Walnut is perfect for and elegant and luxurious look. Cherry can be used for both rustic and farmhouse styles.


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Wood Construction

Remember the saying "The devil is in the details?" That can apply to the purchase of quality furniture.

The construction of the wood is the most critical part of high-quality wood furniture. How the pieces of wood are held together will determine how long the furniture will last.

Anything held together with staples or nails probably won't last.

Consider the Wood Finish

It's time to select the finish of the wood. Each type of wood can come in several finishes.

Do you want a lighter look or a darker look?

A lighter look can make a small space bright while a darker color can make a space feel small.

Darker colors can make a space feel cozier, or warm up a room.

If you want a design that warms and brightens a room at the same time, think about a specialty finish.


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Buying Quality Dining Room Furniture Can be a Breeze

Investing in handmade furniture reflects your values. You value supporting a American made products, American woodworkers and you value having a quality piece of furniture and sustainable practices. You want something that can't be duplicated.

Now that you know some of the things you'll want to think about, you're ready to move on to the next step.

At Home and Timber, we combine traditional values with today's technology to craft high-quality pieces that will last for years.

We use American hardwoods and craft furniture in the USA, working with second and third generation wood makers. You can be sure that your choice of furniture will be made with care and expertise.

Talk to us about creating your dream set of dining room furniture today.


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