It's A Story All About Wood

Adding a piece of handmade furniture to your home is an exciting experience. The ability to choose the exact size, style, wood type and stain color is a perk that you won't find when purchasing mass produced furniture.

The wood that is used in building your piece takes an interesting journey, that will eventually end in your home.

Let's take a look at the course that our specially chosen wood takes from beginning to end:


Only the finest wood is handpicked to create fine furniture.

All of the wood that Home and Timber uses, is harvested from sustainably managed forests in North America and are kiln dried to 6% to 8% moisture content. Imported wood is never used, which helps the economy, here in the United States.


The next step in production, is developing the concept design of the final piece.

Experienced designers and woodworking artists work together to bring ideas to life. A variety of table and cabinet styles, legs, drawers and other attributes are addressed to offer customers the best in traditional and modern furniture. 

Create a Prototype

Once a concept has been developed, it is time to build a prototype.

The prototype will make evident any changes that need to take place to make a quality final product. Different aspects must be taken into consideration during this process, such as durability, balance, overall construction and eye appeal.

Final Build

Home and Timber is proud to work with teams of second and third generation builders to construct the final product. The utmost care and attention to detail are evident. The quality of workmanship that these talented artisans put into each piece shows though.

Once completed, your solid wood furniture is quality controlled and inspected, to ensure that it meets the buyer's expectations. 


After the inspection, the furniture is now ready to take a trip to its new home. Each piece of solid wood furniture is securely hand packaged and fully insured to be delivered by a freight company.

Flat rate delivery is currently available in the Contiguous United States. If you live outside that service area, please contact us for a quote on shipping options for your region.

There are three different levels of shipping and delivery available, depending on your needs and budget.

The least expensive option is curbside delivery. There is no liftgate available with this option and due to union rules, the freight driver is unable to assist with removing the furniture from the back of the truck. They also cannot move the furniture into the home or help set it up. These tasks are the sole responsibility of the customer.

The mid-priced delivery option includes a liftgate to help remove the piece from the truck. Due to union rules, the driver is not able to assist with moving or set up of the furniture in any way.

With the premium delivery option, your order will be transferred to a local company that will remove and dispose of the packaging and blanket wrap your order for delivery. With this option the local delivery company will bring your order into your home and set it up in the room of your choice. 


We cannot keep taking from the earth without giving back to it. This is why Home and Timber has partnered with several environmentally focused organizations to plant one hardwood tree for each piece of furniture that is sold. In addition to only using sustainably source hardwood, this keeps the process going while replacing the natural resources that the earth has given us.


When taking the above points into consideration, it is obvious that care of construction and durability are what makes custom pieces a worthy investment.

If you are interested in adding a stunning, handcrafted dining table, curio, hutch or island to your home, contact a Home and Timber representative. They will advise you on the various elements available to construct your perfect piece.

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Banner Photo by Nicole De Khors


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