Beautiful Wooden Hutches, Just Like Grandma Used to Have

In those quiet moments when you are thinking about your childhood, one special memory may come to mind.... Grandma's house.


Imagine yourself back in time, sitting in the warmth and comfort of your grandmother's home. You look around the room and what do you see? There, against the wall is the most beautiful wooden hutch filled with her favorite dishes and precious treasures that she had collected over the years.


You remember walking up to it and admiring how big it was. You can almost feel yourself running your hand across the beautiful wood grain on the buffet. A smile appears on your face and the idea of adding a hutch to your own home comes to mind.


Home and Timber can make this dream a reality by creating the buffet and hutch you have been thinking of. Keep in mind that for you can choose the hardwood and finish that suits your taste and complements your home, for each of our pieces.


Let's take a look at a few of the options available:



Breckenridge Buffet and Hutch

Breckenridge Buffet and Hutch



If you are looking for classic storage options for your home, then this may be the hutch you are looking for.


This stately piece is available with two door, three door and four door options. Beveled glass doors and side panels give the Breckenridge Buffet and Hutch an elegant look. There is also a fitted shelf in the base to keep items organized and out of site.



Cambria Buffet and Hutch

Cambria Buffet and Hutch


If your taste leans more towards the traditional side, then you may want to consider this buffet and hutch.


Featuring a curved top hutch, the Cambria is reminiscent of elegant, European style furniture. This piece is available in three or four door styles. There is also a glass shelf inside the hutch which is adjustable.



Stowell Buffet and Hutch

Stowell Buffet and Hutch


Your taste may be more on the rustic side. If this is the case, then the Stowell buffet and hutch may be just what you are looking for.


This fabulous piece has an open concept, that includes a wine glass holder and plate rack on the bottom shelf of the hutch. Shiplap adorns the back of this piece, which is an attractive backdrop for your dishware and knick-knacks.



Saratoga Buffet and Hutch

Saratoga Buffet and Hutch


Ones who favor Contemporary style will fall in love with the Saratoga model.


The sharp lines of the cabinet doors, paired with the curved wood on the sides makes this an interesting and eye catching piece. Choose either three or four doors for the front of this big and bold hutch and buffet.




The models mentioned above are just a touch of the different styles that you can choose from. With the wide range of buffets and hutches available from Home and Timber, you are sure to find one that suits the style of your home and fulfills your needs as well.


Not only will you have a place to store your cherished collectibles, but you will also have a quality, handcrafted piece of furniture to pass on. Your family members will be able to enjoy its beauty and it will bring back their unique memories of being in your home.


If you are interested in adding a buffet and hutch to your home, simply contact Home and Timber. Our design specialists are happy to go over all the details featured in our custom made pieces. Choose the exact wood, stain and other important details that make your piece unique and exactly what you want.


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Banner Photo by Brodie Vissers


Beautiful Wooden Hutches Just Like Grandma Used to Have