Top 4 Interior Design Blogs You Will Love

Whether you are revamping a previously decorated home or starting from scratch in a new one, inspiration is a must.

One of the best ways to see pictures of the latest trends and learn about current textures, is though reading interior design blogs.

When searching the internet for decorating blogs, you may become overwhelmed. Don't fret, we have put together a list of the top interior design blogs we know you'll love, that will help you create the stunning home you desire.

The blogs that are listed below, have been gathered from a reliable source that uses 20 different criteria to rank them:

 1. Remodelista received the most monthly visitors out of all of the interior design blogs.

Four friends came together and created this incredible source of style. They cohesively collaborate on remodeling and design projects to provide the most unique concept that reflects their client's own personal taste.

On this incredible site, you will find an array of ideas and inspiration for every room in your home. Whether you are into modern or a more classic style design, you will find it here.

 2. It's Overflowing

Ranking second on the list, is a fantastic resource for home decorating.

In 2008, this blog was created by Aimee Lane. Through the years, she has posted countless articles and design inspiration that can turn any average home into a trendy and clutter free space.

You will find articles, photos and ideas for every room in the house. DIY and craft projects are plentiful as well, to give your home a more personalized touch.

3. Cococozy

Celebrities such as Katy Perry, have named as one of their favorite interior design blog of all time.

This fun and informative blog was created in 2008 and has grew by leaps and bounds ever since. Coco, the blog founder has expanded from writing about interior design to creating her own product line of pillows, rugs and other home décor items.

You will find an extensive collection of articles that range from paint color choices, kitchen backsplashes and even how to decorate your table for a party.

 4. Your Home Only Better

The topics on are not your usual interior design blog posts. Blogger, Susan Jensen touches on many different projects while keeping budget and time into consideration.

You will find many posts which focus on the importance of proper color selection. There are ideas of front door color options, as well as color ideas for each room in your house.

You will also find many before and after photos, such as turning a cluttered basement corner into a tranquil meditation space. If you find that you are lacking inspiration on your own, this blog is definitely worth checking out.


Before starting any decorating or remodeling job, make sure you do your research. Not being educated on the current trends or style options can limit your creativity.

By referring to the interior design blogs mentioned above, you will open up new creative outlets that will help transform your home into something fresh, trendy and new. Start with one room at a time and eventually your entire space will reflect the essence of your style.

Adding handcrafted furniture will complement any design idea. Home and Timber can create the perfect piece to fit your home and budget. Whether you prefer a French Country style or a modern, streamlined look, either can be created to your specifications.

If you are considering adding handcrafted furniture to your home, contact a designer who will help you make the best choices for your vision.

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Top 4 Interior Design Blogs You Will Love