Timeless Elegance Of Handcrafted Furniture

In the current days of mass produced, assembly line furniture, many people tend to forget about customized, handcrafted furniture.

A custom made table or curio cabinet makes a bold statement in the home, unlike the furniture you see in every commercial store across America. The bottom line is no one can hold a candle to quality made, handcrafted furniture.

Sitting around a table that has been in the family for decades, can spark wonderful memories and conversation. It gives a sense of home and security that one can't get from cheap, disposable furniture. Long after you are gone, the furniture will remain and will spark those same memories... a legacy, indeed.

In addition to the memories, there are a number of other benefits for designing a timeless piece of handcrafted furniture:


Nothing compares to the attention to detail that handcrafted furniture provides.

The experienced craftsmen at Home and Timber take deep pride in each piece that they build. Essentially, they appreciate the time it takes to create unique works of art for our customers. Our handcrafted furniture is built to last for generations to come.

Quality Materials

When you design a piece of handcrafted furniture from Home and Timber, be assured that only premium American hardwoods are used. There is no skimping on quality or construction.

The quality and timeless nature of handcrafted furniture relieves the worry of having to replace your table and chairs every 5-10 years. Once the investment is made, you don't ever have to think about buying another.

From the tabletop to the floor, our solid wood furniture will withstand the test of time.


Unlike the run of the mill furniture that you find in chain stores, handcrafted furniture has many options you can choose from. You can express your individuality with each piece. 

Furniture should represent your personality throughout the home. Each person is unique, therefore their furniture should be unique as well. Nobody wants a carbon copy of the neighbor's house.

Working together with a representative of Home and Timber, you will be able to create the furniture of your dreams.


Due to it's longevity, handcrafted furniture will hold it's value. Commercial made furniture only lasts a short time before it starts to show signs of wear and tear.

Ultimately, one will end up replacing their furniture multiple times throughout their life because it doesn't withstand regular use. Solid wood furniture is definitely the most cost effective option in the long run.

Investing in a piece of handcrafted furniture is like investing in your family. The furniture will last through your lifetime and through the lives of your family. Just think of all of the furniture purchases that can be avoided, just by purchasing a piece that can be passed down to others that you care about.


There is no comparison between the quality, style and value of a custom made piece of furniture. With multiple stain colors to choose from, as well as finishing techniques and the overall design, you are bound to create the furniture you have envisioned.

Being a part of the design process of your furniture will pull together the overall look of your home into exactly what you have in mind. Your taste may be traditional and old fashioned, or modern and contemporary. The options to choose from are plentiful and all can be achieved.

If you are ready to take the step to adding elegance and style to your home, contact Home and Timber with any questions you may have. Whether you are inquiring about furniture options, pricing or delivery, we have the answer. Our knowledgeable staff are happy to guide you along the process.