Gaining More Space In Your Small Dining Room

Many of us live in apartments or homes with limited square footage. In this type of home, fitting furniture into a smaller space may become challenging. In addition, if your dining room is on the small side, you may be finding it difficult to accommodate your guests.

You also may find it a struggle to decorate a tiny space without it looking cramped or cluttered.

Let's take a look at several simple techniques, that can transform your tiny dining area into a comfortable and functional gathering space: 

Illusion Of A Larger Room

One of the most popular design tips is to add a mirror to small rooms to make them appear larger.

Don't be afraid to choose a large mirror to accent a blank wall across from your dining table. Your chandelier will be reflected in the mirror, which will bounce more light into the room.

Positioning the mirror across from a window is another excellent way to brighten up the room and give it more depth.

You can find a wide variety of mirror styles and sizes at most home stores and department stores. Many different types of frames are available to suit any style.

Streamlined Window Treatments

If you have windows in your dining room, avoid extravagant window treatments and bold patterns. Opt for streamlined, simple curtain panels. Stick with a solid color so the room looks less busy.

If you aren't a fan of curtains, wood blinds or fabric blinds will also give a crisp and clean look to the space.

Table Shape

Choosing the proper table shape and style can make or break a small dining room.

Generally, a round table will provide the best fit for a square room. A pedestal base added to the round table will make seating more comfortable, because the legs won't get in the way.

If your dining room is narrow in width, a slender, rectangular shaped table is the best option.

Consider adding a table with a leaf extension. Tables which are expandable can temporarily make your surface area larger to accommodate extra guests. Leafs can then be easily stored away when not in use.

Chair Style

Dining chairs that don't have arms help create the appearance of a larger room. Guests will find it easier to move around when getting up and down from their seat. 

Streamlined, slender style chairs will complete the look and make the area feel more spacious and less confined.

Color Choice

A dark color palette should be avoided when decorating a small room.

The best option is to stay within a neutral and lighter tone to make the room look larger. Add pops of color with a centerpiece and your tablescape. 

Wall Decor

Any art or décor that is placed on the walls should be kept to a minimum. Use pieces that complement the other elements in the room. Don't cluster a number of ill matching pieces together.

Artwork should be hung at eye level. If hanging pieces on more than one wall, be sure that they are hung at the same height.


By combining the tips listed above, your small dining room can be put to it's best use.

Pull together the right color palette, table and chair style, window treatments, wall décor and mirror placement, to revamp and beautify the area. Family and friends will then have the space to gather and make many new memories in your home.

If you would like to add a custom, solid wood table to your space, but aren't sure of all of the options available, just let us know. We will be happy to help you choose the table shape and stain of your choice and make your dining room the heart of your home.