How To Show Your Hardwood Dining Table The Love It Deserves

When making an investment in a piece of handmade, custom furniture, you want to be sure to properly care of it. Doing so, will maintain its appearance and the surface will keep its unique luster and texture.


Home and Timber only uses high quality catalyzed varnish on all of their furniture. This finish is exceptionally and will withstand years of use if properly cared for. Lower quality wood furniture uses lacquer that will yellow and crack with age while also being unable to resist moisture.


Let's take a look at a few pointers on how to care for your hardwood furniture:



Wethersfield Single Pedestal Dining Table



To keep the surface of your piece free of dust and debris, wipe it off with a soft, damp cloth. Follow up with a dry, soft cloth, to dry the piece and absorb any extra moisture. It is a good idea to dust on a regular basis.



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If your hardwood furniture needs a little more than a wipe, then it may be cleaned with a mild soap and water or Spotless Furniture and Glass Cleaner. Be sure you dry the furniture completely when you are finished.


There are certain chemicals that need to be avoided when cleaning solid wood furniture. First of all, any cleansers that contain bleach are not recommended. In addition, ammonia and any product that contains ammonia should also be avoided, as it can discolor the varnish.


Avoid any abrasive cleaning pads or cleansers, which will scratch the surface.


Never use silicone based products such as Pledge on hardwood furniture. Doing so can break down the varnish, which will destroy the finish. Heirloom Essentials Fine Furniture Polish is specially formulated for catalyzed varnish finishes and will help to ensure the long term beautify of your finish. 


Prevent Heat Damage


When serving meals, avoid putting hot dishes directly on the table. Use hot pads, trivets or a custom table pad, which will put a barrier between the extra hot surface and the wood.


Avoid placing your wood furniture too close to heat vents or other heat sources, such as fireplaces and radiators.


Manage humidity by using a humidifier in the dry winter months to prevent the wood from shrinking, cracking or drying out. Use an air conditioner in the hot summer months to prevent the wood from getting too moist and swelling.


Be careful when placing candles on the wood surface. If the candle holder gets too hot, it can discolor the wood.



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Prevent Water Damage


As mentioned above, always use a dry cloth to follow up after wiping or cleaning your furniture.


Soak up and dry any spills that occur as soon as possible. Use coasters for beverages to prevent condensation from causing a discolored ring on the surface of the wood.


Prevent Scratches


Tablecloths, table pads, table runners or place mats are excellent ways to prevent scratches on your table. Use them on a regular basis to keep your piece looking good as new.


Prevent Structural Damage


When moving furniture or opening and closing a leg table for leaf installation, it should always be picked up, then placed where you want it. Pulling or dragging furniture across the floor can damage the joints that hold the piece together, which can make the furniture unsteady.




The method of caring for your custom furniture is simple. It's worth your time to take a few extra minutes to keep the wood in the best condition you can.


By taking the necessary steps to preserve your gorgeous wood furniture, you will also be preserving the memories that were created around that particular piece.


If you are interested in adding quality, handmade custom furniture to your home, contact one of our consultants. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning design, cost, shipping or anything else you may want to know.


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How to Show your Hardwood Dining Table the Love it Deserves