Need To Seat A Crowd At One Table? This Is How You Do It!

For every day occasions, your dining table may be the perfect size for your family. You may all fit comfortably in your dine-in kitchen, seated around the island, peninsula or the designated kitchen table.


But what happens when a situation arises where you need to accommodate more people? How will they all fit at one table? Don't fret, there are simple ways to solve this issue.


Let's take a look at some custom made seating options:



Woodmont Single Pedestal Table 

Single Pedestal Table


If you are limited in space, a Single Pedestal Table is an excellent option to add seating to your dining area.


This style of table provides ample leg room in comparison to a four legged table. Due to the curved shape, seats are easy to get in and out of, without disturbing others who are seated at the table.


Home and Timber has a wide variety of single pedestal tables available. For instance, The Woodmont Single Pedestal Table is available with up to two 12” extensions, which can expand your 54” round table to a 78” oval table, which has the capacity to comfortably seat 8-9 people.



Barrington Double Pedestal Dining Table 

Double Pedestal Table


If you love the look of a pedestal table but are in need for something a little larger, you may want to consider a Double Pedestal Table.


A wonderful example is the Barrington model. This grandiose piece not only makes a bold statement in the room, but it also serves as seating from six to twenty-two people, as well. The rectangular shape is available in 72” length and you can choose from a 42” or 48” width.


This hardwood, custom table is ideal for larger dining areas and for people who love to entertain big groups.



Benson Plank Top Dining Table and Bench 

Plank Top Table


Large, rectangular plank top tables, such as the Benson model, are capable of seating a large number of people, while keeping a streamlined and classic appearance.


This stunning dining table is available in 42” or 48” width and 60” or 72” lengths and can be enlarged with up to six 16” plank top extensions. The Benson dining table can seat from six to eighteen people comfortably.


Pair this table with a set of coordinating Benson benches and you will have an incredible dining set that will last for generations.



Hartford Long Expandable Dining Table 

Trestle Table


If you have ample space available and are planning on entertaining large groups on a regular basis, the Hartford Trestle dining table should definitely be considered.


This is the largest and longest table that Home and Timber offers. It measures in at 42”- 48” wide and 78” long. The Hartford can accommodate up to fourteen 12” extensions and seat eight to twenty-eight people comfortably.


When parties aren't taking place, just simply remove the extensions and store away until the next gathering.




Now you can breathe a sigh of relief when it's time for a family gathering or you want to host the next holiday party. By keeping the above points in mind, you will be able to easily seat all of your guests comfortably, no matter which style suits your home.


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Banner Photo by Sarah Pflug 


Need to seat a crowd at one table? This is how you do it!