Most Popular Styles Of Handmade Furniture For Your Dining Room

Incorporating handmade solid hardwood furniture in your dining room can make a bold and sophisticated statement.


There is nothing quite like the high quality that you find in custom, handcrafted furniture. With the wide variety of styles that can be customized to suit your needs, there is something any any design taste.


At Home and Timber, we pride ourselves in the workmanship that we provide our customers. When you purchase a dining room table from us, you can be assured that it is constructed to last. We strive to create family heirlooms that can be passed down for generations to come.


Let's take a look at several popular styles of handmade furniture for dining rooms:


Mission Style


This article reports that in the late 19th century, furniture maker, Joseph McHugh was inspired by the wooden chairs in a Spanish, San Francisco, California church. He created a line of rustic furniture that resembled those pieces and called them “Mission style”.


Gustav Stickley, another furniture designer from the same time period, developed his own line of simplistic, Mission style furniture as well.


The Kingsbury Mission Style Trestle Table is reminiscent of those times when the style was first created. You will see the same flat, horizontal and vertical lines on this stunning table. The tabletop is 1” thick with a mission style edge.


The Kingsbury is great for large gatherings. Up to twelve 12” extensions can be added to this lovely table to seat up to 22 of your family and friends.


Live Edge


George Nakashima, a mid-century modern designer and architect, was the first designer to introduce the live edge style to the world. According to this article from HGTV, live edge furniture has made a comeback and it's stronger than ever before!


The natural grain and unique beauty of each slice of wood is highlighted in these stunning live edge designs. They not only serve as a functional table, but as a piece of natural artwork as well.


The Xavier Live Edge Dining Table is an incredible representation of a live edge dining table. With a trestle base, that is sprayed with a metal powder coating and the raw appearance of the wood top, this table is sure to make a fantastic dining table or even an industrial style personal desk.


This table is available in three lengths: 72”, 84” and 96”. The table width can be approximately 42” or 48” wide, depending on the natural lines of the wood top.


Pedestal Table


You can find pedestal tables as far back in history as the 1600's, as reported in this article. This style is recognized by a round or oval shaped table top that is supported by a column base with feet at the bottom. They can range from very ornate detail to simple design lines.


The beauty of this style remained popular through the twentieth century and is still very desirable today.


A fine example is the Bradford Single Pedestal Table. This sturdy table features a 1 1/2” thick round tabletop with a waterfall edge and a base that measures 23”x23”. The 54” and 60” sizes are also available with up to two 12” extensions. What a gorgeous table for serving your favorite guests!




After reviewing the various dining room tables above, you can probably see that you have a variety of options. Take some time to think about the type of wood, stain and overall style that you want to add to your home.



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Banner Photo by Sarah Pflug 


Most Popular Styles of Handmade Furniture for your Dining Room