Why solid wood dining chairs are always the best seat in the house.

Of all the furniture you will ever own, your dining chairs will most likely take the most abuse. Whether it’s the chairs at your everyday kitchen table or your formal dining set, we all have that friend, relative, or child that just can’t seem to keep all four chair legs on the ground. As is their purpose, dining chairs are moved in and out from the table, pulled across the floor, and perhaps even used to stand on to change a light bulb. Over time your chairs may start to wiggle and sway. This leaves you with a table that continues to look beautiful and unreliable chairs that could go awry at any time.

Home and Timber not only offers solid American hardwood tables, we also offer a beautiful selection of solid American hardwood dining chairs to match.

Hardwood Chairs | The Best Seat in the House | Home and Timber

Why solid hardwood? Using solid hardwood offers superior strength throughout the chair. During the assembly process, all of our spindle style chairs are glued and screwed together and our mission style chairs have tenon and mortise joints for increased strength and durability. The chair legs are then screwed and glued into hardwood corner blocks and most styles offer accent stretcher bars between the chair legs. These additions not only offer additional details to the chair, they also reinforce the legs and add a incredible amount of stability. This gives each chair a much longer lifetime of being enjoyed with our friends and family. Even the ones that struggle to keep all four feet on the floor.

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The builder of our collection of personalized dining chairs has been crafting chairs in the US since 1995. With more than 20 years of innovation and now working alongside a second generation, his family offers some of the finest seating options around. With an emphasis on comfort, quality materials and superior craftsmanship, all chair parts are manufactured to their own strict specifications.

Chair Seat Construction | The Best Seat in the House | Home and Timber

With over 30 chair styles and 15 dining bench styles available that can be crafted to match your table choice, the possibilities for your home are almost endless. Many chair varieties we offer also have arm chair and bar chair options while many benches can be made to expand like your dining table. This will allow you to unlock the room design of your dreams or simply enhance your existing decor.

Hardwood Chair Construction | The Best Seat in the House | Home and Timber

Many of our chair options also allow for your own personal touch. Change the look of your set or just add a punch of color to the room with upholstered chair seats or full upholstered chair options. If you are a do-it-yourselfer you could try your hand at making your own. Pretty Prudent has a wonderful tutorial.  Not feeling crafty? That's okay, Amazon have a ton a pre made option in any number of colors.

Either way, Home and Timber’s personalized hardwood chairs are built to be the best seat in your house. They will stand the test of time...and normal everyday “abuse” from our friends and family.

Best Seat in the House | Home and Timber Furniture