What are the Benefits of Extendable Dining Tables?

Is your kitchen space limited?

Do you like to have a lot of guests over?

Extendable dining tables are a great way to maximize the kitchen and dining room space you have available.

You can expand your dining table to host parties when you need more space and collapse it when you want to create more room in your kitchen.

There are many other benefits of extendable dining tables. Let's dive in and take a look.


Hartford Trestle Table with no Leaves

The Benefits of Extendable Dining Tables

An extendable dining table is exactly what it sounds like. There are extensions that you insert into the table to make the table larger for larger dinner parties and special occasions.

One thing to keep in mind when you are purchasing an expandable dining table, you should get a table that is large enough to fit your family without the leaves in. You can then use the extensions when you are hosting guests or just need a little extra space on your dining table. 

To install most table leaves, all you have to do is pull open the table top from each end, lay the leaf or leaves into the opening and push the table top closed again. Each leaf is pegged and numbered to ensure the best possible fit.   

This style of table has been around for a long time. The simplicity of the design and ease of use makes this table a wonderful purchase. Generally though, the tables that go on to become treasured family heirlooms are built out of solid hardwood. When crafted from the right wood, they can also easily stand the test of time and become a new family treasure. 


Hartford Trestle Table Fully Expanded

Functional and Solid

One of the reasons that people purchase extendable dining tables is because they offer a wonderful versatility in seating and room arrangement. You can maximize the available space in the room when it is closed for everyday dinners and then expand it for holiday dinners, dinner parties and celebrations.

There are many great options if you frequently have parties or get-togethers with friends and family or even host regular family game nights. You won't have to limit the number of people you have over because of the size of your table.

Our tables are solid and durable. Crafted from only premium American hardwood. They are designed to last for years, if not generations to come. The designs are kept simple with the focus on creating a strong, solid construction. Each expandable dining table is equipped with solid hardwood table slides. This also allows for years of opening and closing the table to install and remove leaves. These are just a few of the things that set our tables apart and allows them to withstand generations of Thanksgivings, holiday celebrations, family game nights and anything else everyday dinners can throw at them. 

Variety of Designs

With a wide variety of styles and designs of extendable dining tables, you can get a table that matches your existing decor or takes your room in a whole new direction.

With circle, rectangular, boat shaped or bow ended table tops and single, double, trestle or leg table bases, almost every table can be customized to become the table that you have been dreaming about. 

We craft each piece of our furniture from your choice of solid American cherry wood, quarter sawn white oak or walnut.

But that is only the beginning. 

Picking the style of extendable dining tables may be difficult given all of the options you have to choose from but once you've chosen, the customization is sure to make you happy with your purchase. You have the ability to choose a table that fits the style of the rest of your home and makes for a cohesive design scheme.

After choosing a style, you can then select the base or starting size of the table, the width and the number of leaves that you want. This in combination with our selection of wood choices and our color palette of hand selected stains make your options nearly limitless! 

Style Fits With All Different Interiors

Extendable dining tables come in many different sizes and shapes in order to fit different spaces. If you have a small space, there are plenty of tables that would work well.

If your space is larger, you have more room to play with the size and shape of the extendable dining table you purchase. You can fit any shape in a large room, but more often than not, can only fit circular tables in small rooms.

The way you design your table can be matched to how you designed your interior of the rest of your home. You have free reign to create it however you like.


Baytown Expandable Double Pedestal Table

Caring For Your Table

Extendable dining tables are sturdy and built to last. However, if you want them to stay looking brand new, it's important that you take good care of them.


Dusting your table on a regular basis will help remove particles of dust and debris that may potentially scratch or mar the finish. Using a lint-free cloth or microfiber towel can help to remove all of the stagnant particles. Do not use products that contain silicone such as Pledge because they can absorb into the tables surface and damage its finish.

If you are using a lint-free cloth, you can get it lightly damp to wipe the particles. A microfiber towel does not need to be damp, you can use it on its own to pick up dust.

Heat and Humidity

Placing wood extendable dining tables next to a heat register or radiator can sometimes cause problems. Place it in a location that has a stable temperature and humidity that will not be subject to quick drops or raises.

Storing the extra extensions within the table when possible or on the same floor of your home will help ensure that if the wood does swell or contract at all, your extensions will change along with it. This will help in making sure that your extensions will still fit when you go to put them in if your table has contracted at all.

Storing the extensions in a basement, attic or garage, could cause the leaf to swell or contract due to the humidity, moisture and temperature change.

When it comes to humidity, you want to keep the levels around 45%. This means buying a de-humidifier or humidifier if you need one. Levels lower than 45% could cause the wood to develop a seasonal crack and higher than 45% could cause the wood to swell.


Harvest Expandable Leg Table

Ready To Purchase?

When you feel like you are ready to purchase one of the extendable dining tables, make sure you first do your research. Determine what size of table you need and measure if you have to.

Figure out the style you think will look best in your room.

Determine how many seats would be appropriate to have in your table and make sure it will fit your family without the extensions.

All of these are important factors in deciding which table is right for you. If you're looking for a table but don't know where to start, take a look here. If you are still not sure or have any questions, please let us know!


 What are the Benefits of Extendable Dining Tables?