Fall Dining Room Design Trends You Will Want to Try

Although fall signifies the year is drawing to a close, America's favorite season can also be a great time to revive your home with a style boost.

Fall draws us back into our homes after a summer spent outside. Accordingly, many of us experience a renewed focus on making our homes more inviting and inspiring as the temperatures cool.

That means embracing coziness and warmth by opting for informal dining spaces you can enjoy with friends and family this holiday season.

Here we reveal the 2017 dining room trends you should try this fall.

A Dining Nook

More informal table and chair arrangements are leading the way when it comes to 2017 dining room trends.

Nothing says cozy dining more than a dining nook, an idea which is reminiscent of booth seating. But, in the style of a romantic yet informal restaurant rather than your local diner.

A dining nook works especially well if you don't want to devote a whole room to entertaining. Instead, you can include a dining area in your kitchen or living room.

When designing a dining nook, it's important to get the balance right between creating a separate yet compatible space. A nook is essentially a room within a room or a dining station. Accordingly, it needs to be a distinct area which also coordinates with the overall decor.

Using the same color palette in the nook and the rest of the room can bring the separate areas together.

However, if you don't want the nook to blend into the room too much, then you could use different shades or patterns to create distinction.

Mismatched Dining Chairs Fall Inspiration

Mismatched Chairs

This informal trend has grown in recent years and is a way to add a big dose of originality to your 2017 dining room design.

Mismatched chairs might have you thinking of Monica Geller's apartment in Friends. But, some clever coordination is crucial to getting this eclectic look right.

You can opt for different colors, shape or materials, but keep at least one of these features the same across all the chairs.

Choose the same chair in several different hues. Or, pick a color or specific wood stain finish and search for a variety of different chairs in that shade.

Remember that if you go for a striking design element like this, the chairs will need to be the focal point for the room.

Scale down the rest of your dining room and keep other colors muted. This will allow your chairs to stand out against the background of the room.

Bring the Outside In

One of the key 2017 dining room trends for fall is a move towards more natural colors and textures as a way to embrace the season.

And, one of the best ways to introduce more autumnal colors into your dining area is to move your dining table nearer the window.

This will this allow more of fall's limited natural light to come in while you're enjoying a family meal. Plus, you'll also experience the best of fall's changing colors from the comfort of your home.

Woven Textures

Continuing with the natural theme, woven textures are great for adding depth and warmth to your home this fall.

A woven rug positioned under your dining table and chairs can help to stop wooden flooring from getting scratched. Or, if you have carpeting in your dining room, the rug will be a lot easier to clean if any spills occur.

Woven baskets arranged on the wall can provide an interesting focal point too. Or, wicker plant pots are always good for adding a relaxed feel to your indoor foliage.

Forest Green

The leaves might be changing color but forest green is emerging as a big trend for interiors this fall.

This rich shade of green instantly evokes a natural yet sophisticated feel to your home. It's also warmer than navy blue, which has been a popular choice for dining rooms and kitchens recently.

Forest green works well with rich and natural wood surfaces so it's a great way to bring your wooden dining table up to date. Add a forest green centerpiece or use green napkins and bottle green glasses for formal dining.

Or, you might also want to paint your kitchen-diner cabinets or even your walls in this color for real commitment to the trend.


Expandable Dining Bench Fall Inspiration

Bench Seating

Another way to make your dining room more informal is through the type of seating you choose for this space.

Stiff, high-backed dining chairs used to be the norm for creating a uniform look in the dining room. However, 2017 dining room trends show a shift towards cozier seating arrangements.

More and more people are recognizing how bench seating can create a homey look that's also very practical.

You might assume that bench seating arrangements are only suitable for rustic interiors. And, while a wooden bench would definitely complement a natural look, there are many available options when it comes to benches.

Certain styles of wooden benches could work within a modern dining space that combines textures and materials to create an eclectic, yet artfully coordinated look. Alternatively, acrylic, painted and metal-framed benches can offer alternative options to wooden benches.

Benches are also super practical if you do a lot of entertaining. Unlike chairs which are strictly one per person, benches allow for extra guests. This is particularly useful for the holiday season if your family and friends have a habit of turning up unannounced!


This soft and sumptuous fabric returns every fall, and for good reason. Velvet is warm and luxurious, and adds visual interest when combined with rough natural textures like wood and smooth metallic accents.

But, soft fabrics aren't just for living rooms and bedrooms. Try adding some velvet to your 2017 dining room for a cozy yet up-to-date look.

For maximum effect, you might try velvet upholstered dining chairs. If that sounds like too much commitment to the trend then try velvet cushions instead. Opt for plush cushions for your hardwood chairs or benches in rich tones such as teal, navy and soft dark grey.


Copper tones and rose gold details have dominated interiors in recent years. And while copper taps and hardware will stand the test of time, if you're bored of rose gold everything then you're in luck.

Cheap faux coatings of copper and metallic rose are out and real brass is in. Brass is warm yet more sophisticated than other metals, achieving the right balance between classic and modern.

To incorporate this 2017 dining room trend into your home, brass accents are the way to go.

Think brass candlesticks for your dining area or brass features in your kitchen-diner. And brass framed dining chairs will really add contrast to a striking hardwood table.


Manchester Trestle Table Fall Inspiration

Artistic Light Features

Put the spotlight on your dining table and make up for the reduction in natural light this fall by adding an artistic light feature to your 2017 dining room.

Lighting is essential for any dining space, but that doesn't mean you have to limit yourself to a standard chandelier. In fact, the lighting fixture can often serve as the focal point for the room.

The size of your lighting feature needs to take the measurements of your dining room into account. As a rule, the diameter of the fixture should be the sum of the width and length of your room. So, if your dining room measure 8' by 12', since the sum of eight and 12 is 20, the fixture should be 20" in diameter.

Aside from the diameter, there are no boundaries to the light feature you choose for your dining room.

You could opt for something in a color that matches the walls, or a contrasting color to stand out. Some light features are even considered works of art, so you could focus on design over color.

And, if you wanted to go for a metallic fixture to reflect light in the room then brass is your best choice for an up-to-date yet classic feel.

Blush Pink

Following on from the key trend for millennial pink, softer blush pink shades are back in a big way.

Blush might make less of a statement than millennial pink but that's because it's a lot more subtle and complementary.

Thanks to the muted undertones of blush pink, it works well with wood and natural interiors. It also complements and tones down dark shades such as navy blue, teal, and forest green as mentioned above.

Pink might not be an obvious choice when it comes to fall 2017 dining room trends, but blush can add a hint of subtle warmth to your home, and the color will still feel fresh once the seasons change.

To include this shade in your dining room you could opt for a blush pink vase in the center of your dining table. Or, some vintage blush-toned glassware will add a hint of pink.

Incorporate Your Favorite Fall 2017 Dining Room Trends

As you can see there's a clear emerging trend towards informal yet original design when it comes to fall 2017 dining rooms.

Of course, you shouldn't feel like you need to incorporate all of these trends into your home. But, we hope that we've given you some great ideas to bring your dining area up-to-date.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our products or services.


Fall 2017 Dining Room Design Trends to Try