Please be sure to inspect each piece of furniture individually for damage.

You are responsible for properly describing any and all damages on the shipper's waybill.

  • If the boxes show any evidence of rough handling note this on all copies of the shippers waybill.
  • If a delivery crew refuses to wait while you inspect the furniture, note on the waybill that the driver refused to wait for inspection of contents. Final determination of possible damage to contents will be made when packages are opened after delivery.
  • Document any issues or damage in detail on the shippers waybill and have the delivery crew co-sign the waybill.
  • Contact us immediately and we will assist you. You will need to email us digital photos of any damage or issues so that we can best determine how to resolve the situation for you.
  • Minor damage like a scratch or even replacement of a door or drawer, is usually best handled through repairs which are done at your home and performed by experts on behalf of the shipper.  We will send new parts for the shipper's furniture medic to install, if necessary.
  • If your shipment is missing any pieces, have the driver note the shortage on the waybill. Advise us of any shortage and we will trace the shipment. If the shortage cannot be located within a reasonable time, the missing items will be replaced.
Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.