While our hardwood furniture has been finished with a durable top coat of catalyzed varnish, during the first 30 days in your home the finish will continue to cure. This means that during that time the surface will be more sensitive to dents and abrasions. Babying your new furniture some during this time will help prevent the possibility of denting and chipping.

For general cleaning we recommend using only water with the occasionally mild, pure soap or a cleaner that is specifically designed for a catalyzed varnish finish. Both are best when applied with a microfiber cloth. Avoid using any product with silicone, wax, solvents or abrasives as they can damage your finish and void your warranty.

Things get spilled. Only prolonged exposure to moisture will damage your furniture, though. Just wipe it off as soon as you are aware of it.

Using trivets under hot serving dishes, place mats under rough plates and coasters when possible will help to ensure that your table stays beautiful through the everyday dinners and holiday dinner parties.

Pad surfaces that will be used for work as pressing to hard while writing could permanently etch the surface.

Solid wood furniture continues to breath throughout its life. Very high levels of humidity can cause the wood to warp and swell. Very low levels of humidity can cause shrinking and even cracking. Both extremes can cause tables and drawers to stick when opening. Maintaining your home between 35% and 40% humidity will help ensure that your furniture stays beautiful and functions properly.


Your new furniture and light

All solid wood furniture warms and darkens some with age. This is especially true of furniture crafted from cherry wood. As cherry wood furniture ages it will develop the deep warm reddish color that makes cherry wood furniture so special. That change in color is most noticeable during the first six months of the furnitures life. Because of this, it is important to understand that exposure to light accelerates the natural oxidization process. If an object is left on any new wood furniture (especially cherry wood furniture) for an extended period of time, you may end up with a tan line. In the event that this does happen, simply remove the object. Over time, the tan line will start to fade as the wood tones blend.


Long Tables

With our long tables, you’ll want to remember to either drop down your drop down legs or add your center support leg(s) when you install more than four 12" extensions or three 16" extensions or when you install three 12" or two 16" extension and plan on leaving them in for an extended period of time. This will prevent the possibility of your table sagging from the weight of the tabletop over time.