Why a Round Expandable Dining Table Could Suit Your Dining Room Perfectly

Whether you gather around your home’s dining table with your family or the occasional guest, it can be a hard when there is not enough room for everyone and all the accessories. Enter the near-magic quality of the round expandable dining table.

Get ready for game night, find a place for every potluck contribution, or help the kids when the homework load gets really heavy. Pull up a chair to find out how a table you can customize to your needs could suit your dining room perfectly.

Isn’t a Round Expandable Dining Table a Unicorn?

No, we don’t mean it in the mystical rainbow glittery creature way.

We mean how unicorn has come to stand for something so rarely possible to find that when you do, it’s like spotting a real-life unicorn.

And for most people, expanding tables usually come at right angles. Picture it, when you first thought of expanding dining table, you maybe imagined some long rectangular type of seating. 

Well, we can assure you, a round expandable dining table does exist, and pretty fairly commonly! 


Kingsley Single Pedestal Table and the Kimberly Dining Chair

Options for Expandable Tables

So not only do you get to opt for the round style that seems just all the more welcoming, informal, and social, but you’re in charge and the options don’t stop there.

You can choose everything from the number of expansions (or “leaves”), the type of wood and the stain on it, plus the base and size.

Size Matters!

Now that you know you want to add a round expandable dining table to your dining room or eat-in kitchen, it’s time to get measuring. There’s nothing like getting the perfect piece and then the worst happens – it doesn’t fit!

And we’re talking about fits that are too small (yes, it’s possible for a table to appear too small for the space it’s intended) or of course, tables too large to be accommodated in your space.

So the next step is to figure out what you have to work with. First, if it is possible, clear out everything from the space the table is going to be residing. You can put it all back! But you really need the space empty so you can picture the table.

Now consider the table expansions. Did you forget about them? Check the space again and make sure that, when the table is fully and completely expanded, you’ll still be able to fit around it, including dining chairs.

Grab the tape measure and start measuring. Write down some numbers, then compare it with the possibilities for your table

A good idea is to start with the seating. How many people do you want your round expandable dining table to accommodate? A lot of people underestimate.

Do you often have family, friends, visitors, or even work-related meetings around your table? Remember, you can always have fewer people than the table will accommodate, but it can be a bummer to crush in and feel crowded.

Once you know how much seating you want, then you can start working your expansions, total table size, and height.

Maybe you want a table that usually accommodates 6 but can expand to fit an extra 4. The expansion lift easily out of place so you won’t have to worry about dressing and setting the extra area when you’re at your regular lower guest headcount.

One thing to keep in mind when you’re thinking “round and round,” round tables seat fewer in a crunch because there aren’t the corners to sneak in the extra bodies. So make your measurements and plan smart!


Brawley Dining Chair

Small Spaces, Big Impacts

One of the biggest booms in living spaces is actually quite small. It’s called “small space living” and if you’re already a part of it, you know how difficult it can be to get in furniture that both fits and is functional.

Enter the round expandable dining table!

Whether you’re choosing to live small because of the environmental impact, due to finances, or anything else, an expandable table can really make your life seem bigger.

Unlike a table that just exists as that size even when you don’t want or need it to, the expandable table takes up a much smaller footprint when you don’t need it at its fullest.

Get a Lift

Even if you’re in a small space and have your table’s expansions out, you’ll need to take care when you lift or move the table. Solid hardwood furniture can be very heavy!

You’ve probably heard to “lift with your legs” and it’s true. 

Check what you’re gripping – don’t get your fingers trapped in one of the table’s leaves or as you move it, your fingers and skin can become pinched so badly that you’ll have to drop the table. Whether that round expandable dining table drops on your foot or the floor doesn’t matter; there’ll be pain all around.

Ask for help to move the table!


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Which Wood Would Be Good?

So you’ve measured, you’ve considered your space, you’ve even thought about who’ll be using your table. What have you forgotten?

One of the biggest decisions people need to make about their tables is the type of wood from which the table will be made.

You will want to think about a few things as you plan your round expandable dining table. The good news is that every type of wood works. It’s not like quarter sawn white oak can only work on mission style tables, or that walnut is not a match for pedestal tables.

Deciduous Decisions

Of course, it’s possible to truly geek out over your table, and why not? You can build the table of your dreams, one that you spend most of your waking moments sitting in front of. One of the first choices in picking wood is to determine whether you want something deciduous or coniferous.

Deciduous wood is from trees that have leaves. And no, not the same kind of leaves that help make your round expandable dining table at its fullest length; these leaves are the green kind that gets crunchy in the fall.

There are many popular deciduous wood choices for your table, including cherry, white oak and walnut. Again, no actual leaves are used in your table!

The other option, conifer, includes cedar, redwood, pine and fir. Coniferous wood are less expensive than deciduous, but significantly less durable. 

Expand Your Thinking

Ready to look into the perfect round expandable dining table? Or possibly see what else you can make fit your space? Talk to us.

We know all about the best wood construction fits for your place and space, and we proudly construct all our furniture in the USA from premium solid American hardwood.


Round Expandable Dining Table Could Suit You