How to Find the Right Dining Table Size For Your Dining Room

One of the keys to getting the most out of your dining room space is knowing what size furniture you need. Once you figure that out, you can begin the process of turning your dining room into the space you always wanted. Here's how to find the ideal furniture size for your dining room

Know How You Want to Use Your Dining Room

As with most things, it can help a great deal to start your project with a plan. For example, you may just want your dining room to look nice, or utilize it for formal dinners only.

On the other hand, you may want to use it frequently or host regular dinner parties. Once you know what you want to do with your dining room, you can start the process of transforming it to that purpose.

Start With the Dining Room Table

Everything else in your dining room will flow from and around the table. So, it's important to choose your table wisely.

Table Size

A general rule is to give the table at least 36 inches of space from any wall and at least 30" from any other physical objects. This would include buffets, hutches or sideboards and will allow people to actually pull out a seat and sit.

In addition, your table would ideally sit at least 48 inches away from any entrance or exit in your dining room. This creates a more free-flowing and open feel. You can increase the space between your table and other features in the dining room, but these minimums will help to ensure a comfortable dining space.

Table Chair Space and Place Settings

Your table should be large enough to allow for 22 to 26 inches of space for each place setting at the table, with 24" being the traditional formal place setting. Allowing 24" per adult will help ensure that each guest has enough room to  dine comfortably and also provide enough space for a formal place setting in front of each diner.

Table Seating

Our table size guide provides information on the length of the table and the number of guests that can be seated around it at that size. Look for a table size that can seat the number of people you want. But keep in mind the measurements required to keep your dining room open and comfortable.

Table Shape

Dining room tables come in a few standard shapes.

  • Circular – Good for conversation and smaller spaces
  • Rectangular – Traditional and good for large gatherings
  • Oval – A mix between the traditional rectangle and the more economical circle
  • Square – Contemporary and suitable for smaller or boxy rooms

Choose the shape that will complement your space the most. You can also choose tables that offer more flexibility. For example, a round expandable dining table or an extension table can help you change the feel and functionality of your dining room on the fly.

Other Table Considerations

There are a few more table measurements you can consider.

Table height – Our dining tables will have a height of 30". You'll want chairs that can easily slide beneath the table with enough room for guests to cross their legs. If you choose chairs with arms, you will want to make sure that your table skirt will offer enough clearance for the chair arms to slide underneith.

Table shared area – Do you want an area of the table reserved for serving dishes, a centerpiece, or candles? You'll need a slightly larger table. If you don't need to accommodate something around the size of a serving plate, then you don't have to consider a shared area.

One way to figure it all out is to use measuring tape and some painter's tape to create the outline of a table in your dining room. From there, you'll have a better idea of what will work best in the space.

Add Other Items as Needed

Once you know the rough size of the table you will add, you can start seeing what else you can do with your space.

Add an area rug – Make sure the area rug is between 24" and 36" wider than the table on all sides.

Add a buffet, hutch, sideboard, etc. – If space allows, adding something like a solid hardwood buffet can create a little extra functionality for the dining room. They also allow you to add to the look and feel of the space.

Of course, the larger the space you have to work with, the more you can add. However, an elegant dining room table and some lighting can often work without anything extra.

Use this information to help you find the right dining room table for your space. It is also important to remember that all of our furniture is crafted to order. If you love a table or chair style but find that it does not work in your space, let us know! Most of our furniture can be customized to help you create your dream dining space. 


How to Find the Right Dining Table Size