Almond Lemonade Recipe

Almond Lemonade Recipe

Almond Lemonade Recipe | Tasty Tuesday | Home and Timber

Nothing says summer better than lemonade. The problem? Summer is coming to an end. This is a nice subtle twist to the classic. The addition of lime or orange gives an additional punch of flavor and color, while the honey and almond round out the tartness with some earthy, warm undertones as we transition into Fall and the cooler weather.

As syrup, this will keep in the refrigerator for about a week. Anything that can be made ahead of time is all right in my book.

If you are serving this at a party and it may sit out for a while, think about making another batch ahead of time. Take the second batch and freeze it into ice cubes. Using the second batch to keep the first cool will stop it from getting watered down as the ice melts. Let's be honest. Watered down lemonade is the worst! Or, drop one into a gin and tonic? Very nice.


¾  cup sugar

¼  cup honey

4 to 5 cups water

¾  cup Fresh Squeezed lemon Juice

¼ cup Lime or ½ Cup Orange Juice (Fresh Squeezed is Best)

¼  tsp almond extract

Start by making simple syrup. Heat the sugar, honey and 1 cup of water in a small saucepan until the syrup goes clear and the sugar is fully dissolved. Cool completely and add almond extract and juice. Stir to mix and refrigerate until ready to serve.

When ready, dilute by adding the remaining 3 to 4 cups of cold water to taste.


Almond Lemonade Recipe | Tasty Tuesday | Home and Timber