A Great Dining Room Table Deserves An Incredible Light

Now that you have chosen the perfect table for your dining room, it's time to set the mood with ideal lighting. This is a simple way to give the overall look and feel to your room an additional face lift.


Lighting should enhance your space and make your family and guests feel comfortable. This can be achieved by several different means.


Let's take a look at some various lighting techniques that can be easily put in place:


Recessed Lighting


If your dining room is on the larger side, then installing recessed lighting is an excellent option. Place can lights around the perimeter of the room to give the space the perfect ambient lighting for a dinner party.


If you want to highlight specific artwork or furniture in the room, can lights can be placed directly above them to showcase individual pieces.


If you are going for an even more dramatic effect, recessed lighting can also be placed in the floor.




Of course, you will still want to incorporate a lamp over the table, so your guests can see the wonderful food they are eating.


There are many chandelier styles that will complement any décor. The standard rule of thumb is to mirror the table shape with the shape of your chandelier. For example, if your table is round, then a round chandelier would look best.


The size of your chandelier should be a minimum of twelve inches smaller than your table on all sides. You want to avoid a light fixture that is too small for your table. It will make the room look unbalanced and the light in the room won't be evenly dispersed.


Pendant Lights


If you would like a change from the traditional chandelier look, consider adding several pendant lights over your dining table.


This idea works well on long, rectangular tables. Pendants should be hung approximately 30” to 36” above the table top, for the ideal appearance. They should be equally spaced apart so that light looks evenly dispersed.


If you are using pendant lights, keep in mind that odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye. Avoid using an even number of lights in one area.


Sconces and Lamps


It's always nice to have options with lighting choices. The best way to do this it through layered lighting, which is a combination of lights that gives the room less glare and more dimension.


If there is enough space, you may want to incorporate several wall sconces or even a floor lamp, tucked in the corner. If you have a buffet in your dining room, a table lamp placed on it could be just the thing your room needs.


Dimmer Switches


You also want to be sure that you install a dimmer switch on your dining room lights.


Sometimes you may want a lot of light, such as a big family dinner. If you are having an intimate dinner for two, dimming the lights and adding a few candles will set the scene for a romantic evening. Options are key when it comes to your dining space because it is used for many occasions.




Now that you have all the information you need to brighten up your dining room with fabulous light selections, you can pull it altogether. All you need are the guests, some food and you will be ready to celebrate in your updated space.


If you are considering updating your dining room furniture, contact one of the experienced professionals at Home and Timber. They will be able to assist you with any design ideas, as well as shipping or delivery questions.


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Banner Photo by Nicole De Khors


A Great Dining Room Table Deserves An Incredible Light