5 Steps to Finding the Perfect Harwood Dinning Chairs For You

Heirloom is a word that gets thrown around a lot mainly because it brings to mind words like sturdy, lasting, quality. If you look at heirloom furniture you will soon come to realize that 99% of it has one thing in common, it is made out of hardwood.

Furniture has been described as art that was meant to be used. As such, it must go beyond being beautiful to behold. It must be strong and durable. This is especially true of dining room furniture and dining room chairs in particular.

Dining sets are more than just a place to sit and eat. Game nights, family meetings, home office and homework station, and the center of most family celebrations are all functions your dinette set may be called on to serve. If you want it to last and be passed down in your own family, solid hardwood dining chairs and a table are a must.

Hardwood dining chairs come in all styles and fashions from 'Post Modern Industrial' to 'Traditional Shaker'. Picking the perfect ones can be a challenge. So, we would like to share with you this short guide to choosing the perfect solid wood dining chairs for your home.

1. Pick the Right Wood

You might think style or size would make the top of the list of things to consider but for wooden dining chairs to last, picking the proper wood is paramount. No hardwood chair is any better than the wood used to construct it.

Different woods have varying characteristics. As an example, pine gives a wonderful rustic look to furniture. But, being softwood it scratches, dents and tends to split much more readily than hardwoods. It simply doesn't stand up to long term use. For furniture that will last you want hardwood.

Even among hardwoods, there is a great deal of variation. The same finish applied to Walnut, Cherry and Oak will deliver extremely different results. They also differ in physical and mechanical properties. Some woods are more flexible while others will stand up to abrasion better. So look at how your dining chairs will be used and then do your research or consult a professional.

2. Comfort is King

Whether you are having a dinner party or trying to work out this year's taxes, there are going to be times that you will want to sit for more than a few minutes at a time. This means that you are going to want hardwood dining chairs that are comfortable.

For some this may mean and upholstered chair for others this may mean a wide chair with a high back and some of you may be most comfortable with a bench seat that allows you to slide up and down the table without having to stretch. Part of the beauty of built to order hardwood dining chairs is that you can have them built exactly to suit your needs.

3. Sturdy and Solid

While it is true that comfort is important, you have to remember that you will want it to last. Most of us have dinned in a place where the chairs either swayed slightly or felt like they may give at any moment. This makes can make dining unpleasant. 

These chairs can leave you and your guest feeling uncomfortable or at least slightly irritated.

We also all have the family member that finds it difficult to keep all four chair legs on the ground. While using a dining chair as a rocking chair might be "enjoyable" to them, it is sure to cut into the life of most dining chairs. 

So, be sure to chose solid hardwood construction that is designed to last. For added durability and protection against the chair rockers of the world, look for styles that have cross braces between the chair legs. Not only does this offer additional details, it will help to ensure that your chairs stand up to the test of time and the test of the chair rockers of the world. 

4. Your Life, Your Style, Your Lifestyle

Now that the practical stuff is out of the way, it is time to consider your life and how you live it. If you have a more casual style you can reflect it by choosing dining chairs that have smooth flowing lines, lower backs and are more minimalistic in design. If the circles you travel in are more formal or formidable you may want to go with more traditional high back hardwood dining chairs to convey the sense of solidity. If you are a Stylista maybe geometric shapes would better fit your image.

Life isn't just about style though. If you have small children in your home or your teenagers like to hang-out eating greasy pizzas with their friends then upholstered seats may not be the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you have older people living with you then they might appreciate a chair with a more comfy seat and arms to help them stand up.

It's your life and your home so make the choices that are right for you.

5. Buy From the Right Place

The truth is not all hardwood furniture is created equal. Many furniture manufacturers mass produce their furniture on automated equipment or assembly lines. The better names have excellent quality control but you simply cannot get the fit and finish or attention to detail that built to order hardwood dining chairs provide.

Investing in top quality dining room furniture is exactly that, an investment. You're not simply buying for today or this year. You are purchasing a future antique that you can pass down through your family with pride for generations to come.

At 'Home and Timber', all of our furniture is crafted from the solid hardwood of your choice and crafted to order. We give you the freedom to choose from many options and you can rest easy knowing that your new hardwood dining chairs were completely crafted by American workers right here in the U.S.A.

If you are in need of hardwood dining chairs contact 'Home and Timber' and let us help you design the perfect chair for you.