10 Hand Crafted Kitchen Furniture Ideas

There's no better place in your home for entertaining guests, socializing and creating culinary delights than your kitchen. Your kitchen furniture sets the mood and feel for the entire experience.

Whether it's just you, your entire family or a houseful of guests, you want your kitchen to express your unique attitude and style. Kitchen furniture tailored to you is the best way to do this.

As time has gone on and handcrafted style has become the new standard in modern kitchens, those boring cookie-cutter kitchens are becoming a thing of the past.

In this article, we're going to discuss 10 handcrafted kitchen furniture ideas that can transform your kitchen overnight.

While the cost may be a bit higher than the boring styles presented by today's chain stores, it'll be more than worth it.

Now let's take a look.


Saratoga Trestle Table Edge

1. Transform Your Kitchen Furniture with a Hand Crafted Dining Table

In many kitchens, the dining table is the focal point of the room. After all, that's where most of the eating and socializing happens!

There are so many boring, stale dining tables on the market today that are churned out by the thousands.

Just go down to your local big box store and you'll see what we mean.

If you want to make a huge statement with the style of your kitchen, a solid hardwood handcrafted dining table is the way to go.

You'll enjoy it every day and so will your guests.

Eventually, it'll be a piece that will be handed down from generation to generation.


Wilford Bar Stool

2. Hand Crafted Bar Stools

Most every kitchen has a few bar stools situated along the counter. They're a great way to socialize with the cook while they're busy in the kitchen.

They also serve as a spot to have a quick meal in the morning or read the daily news.

But why limit yourself to the droves of boring, mass-produced bar stools on the market?

A handcrafted set of bar stools can be made to your exact specifications and height.

Bring a new level of beauty and style into your kitchen with gorgeous, handcrafted bar stools for you and your guests.

They'll definitely be a focal point of the room.

3. Stand-Alone Pantry Shelving

A lot of us don't have room in our closed-door pantries for all our goods.

Others may not have a closed-door pantry in their kitchen at all.

Handcrafted stand-alone pantry shelving can provide you with a ton more storage space, while also bringing a touch of style to the kitchen.

They can be built as low or high as you need and will fit nicely on almost any wall in the kitchen or dining room.

Some people like to use a "curtain" of sorts to conceal the contents of the pantry. Others leave it open for easier access.

The choice is yours.

4. Hand Crafted Cabinets

This article can't be written without mentioning the beauty of handcrafted cabinets made specifically to the requirements of your kitchen.

While they can be quite expensive, they also add permanent value to your home when it's time to sell.

Imagine being able to help design a set of cabinets that meet your every specification. Not only will their beauty shine throughout the room, but their functionality on a day-to-day basis will be a dream come true.

When guests walk into your kitchen, often the first thing they notice are your cabinets.

A set of handcrafted cabinets will be an amazing focal point and discussion starter for everyone who comes into your home.


Bayport Live Edge Kitchen Island

5. Kitchen Island

If your kitchen is large enough, a hand crafted kitchen island could easily transform your daily cooking routine.

Does anyone have enough counter space in their kitchen?

It's no fun to cook when your space is cramped with dishes and food heaped on each other with every step of the process.

Consider how much it would free up the process with a stunning handcrafted kitchen island as a centerpiece to your kitchen.

Not only is it a great place to cook, it's also a great place to socialize.

Remember those bar stools we talked about before? Those are great pieces of kitchen furniture to put along one end of your island so you can talk and laugh with guests while you prepare your culinary delights.

A kitchen without an island isn't a happy kitchen.

Install a hand crafted island as part of your kitchen furniture and enjoy it for years to come.

6. Hand Crafted Butcher Block

Maybe you don't have room for an island but still want extra space for chopping, slicing and dicing.

In that case, a hand crafted butcher block crafted at the same height as your counters is a great option.

Even if you only have room for an 18" x 18" butcher block in your kitchen, you'll find it useful with every meal you prepare.

Never again will you run out of counter space in the middle of preparing an elaborate meal for your family or guests.

What's best is that when chopping raw meats, the juices won't flow over into dishes or other ingredients.

If you've never had a butcher block before, you'll wonder how you ever did without one.

7. Step Stool

This could be a project you can do on your own, even if you're not the most handy person in town.

A hand crafted step stool is a piece of kitchen furniture you'll use almost every day. Especially if you're slight of stature!

How many times have you needed to reach to the highest cupboard for sugar or flour and had to ask someone taller to get it for you?

With a simple hand made step stool located strategically in your kitchen, you'll be self-reliant again!

With only a few pieces of rustic wood, a saw, screws and stain, you can make a beautiful step stool that will get used over and over.

Consider taking it on as a weekend project instead of wasting a Saturday watching old movies!

8. Overhead Pot Rack

Do you have that "one cabinet" that's stuffed with pots and pans? You know, the one you dread opening because something's going to fall out? Or you won't be able to find the pot you need?

A lot of us do, and it can be frustrating during the cooking process!

A simple hand crafted overhead pot rack can eliminate this annoying cabinet from your life forever.

Imagine having all your pots and pans in plain view, ready to be used without wresting with the rest.

Not to mention, when you're done doing dishes you won't need to stuff them back into the cabinet. Just hang them up for next time.

9. Corner Cabinet

A lot of kitchens and dining rooms are short on space. You might want to put a cabinet in for extra storage, but there's no way you can fit one along a wall.

In this case, a cabinet constructed for the corner of the kitchen or dining room is a great option.

A lot of us use a few drawers in the kitchen as "junk drawers". You know, the stuff you don't know where else to go with.

A corner cabinet can be a great place to store those items without taking up valuable kitchen drawer space.

You can also put a radio or TV on top to keep yourself and your guests entertained while the magic happens in the kitchen.

This is another piece of kitchen furniture that will get passed down from generation to generation.

Without a corner cabinet, your kitchen just isn't complete.

10. "Taters 'n Onions" Storage Unit

This is a fun idea that will free up your pantry space while also giving your kitchen a unique feature that most don't have.

A fun "taters 'n onions" handcrafted storage unit is small and simple. It should stand only a couple feet high and have an opening on the top where you store your onions and potatoes.

After staining the unit, decorate it by painting some fun looking images of potatoes and onions. Even paint the words "Taters 'n Onions" on it.

Then, when your significant other asks where the potatoes or onions are, you can just give them "the look".

Beyond Kitchen Furniture: A Handcrafted Knife Holder

It almost goes without saying that a hand crafted knife holder needs to be part of your kitchen.

For a cook, there are few things better than hearing that blade slide against the wood when you take it out to start chopping.

A gorgeous hand made knife holder is inexpensive to buy and fun to make for those with woodworking abilities.

Either way, your kitchen isn't complete until there's one on your counter.

It's a Wrap

When it's time to transform your kitchen furniture, it's time to look at all the amazing hand crafted options out there.

Before you go, take a look at some of our stunning hardwood furniture and imagine how they would take your kitchen to the next level.

Here's to the beauty of hand made!


10 Hand Crafted Kitchen Furniture Ideas