50% Now / 50% + Shipping Later

Our Made To Order furniture is just that, Made To Order. This means that right now your furniture is hardwood boards in a lumber yard. It isn’t sitting on a shelf in a warehouse. Craftsmanship and customization takes time. Because of this, if you place an order for one of our breathtaking Made To Order pieces it won’t be ready to ship for 6 to 12 weeks.

Once you’ve decided on a piece, we offer the payment options of paying in full or paying 50% at the time the order is placed and the remaining 50% plus shipping when your order is completed and ready to ship.

If you are interested in the 50/50 payment option, please email us at hello@homeandtimber.com with your order information and we will be happy to send you a shopping cart link where you will be able to check out with this payment option.

By making the 50% deposit you will be responsible to pay the remaining balance prior to shipping. Once your order has reached the finishing phase (typically 2 weeks before your pieces will ship) we will send you an email notifying you. This email will also include a link to our checkout where you are able to pay your remaining balance.  

The deposit is non-refundable after 48 hours of placing an order as materials will have been ordered and work will have started. The balance will be due prior to shipping. In the event that the remaining payment has not been made 2 weeks after your order has been completed, there will be a $25 per week storage charge added to your balance.